Quick Answer: How do I choose a knee replacement surgeon?

How do I choose an orthopedic surgeon for knee replacement?

Some of the most common sources of recommendations are:

  1. Your general practitioner (GP) Your GP is able to provide you with a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon. …
  2. Family and friends. If your family or friends have had orthopaedic surgery and good outcomes, they may recommend their specialist to you.
  3. Find a specialist.

How do I find the right orthopedic surgeon?

Here are important factors to keep in mind.

  1. Get Referrals. …
  2. Research the Orthopedic Surgeon’s Credentials. …
  3. Consider the Orthopedic Surgeon’s Experience. …
  4. Consider Gender. …
  5. Research Hospital Quality. …
  6. Evaluate Communication Style. …
  7. Read Patient Reviews. …
  8. Know What Your Insurance Covers.

What kind of doctor do I need for knee surgery?

Orthopedic surgeons perform total knee replacement surgery. Doctors must go through years of special training to become board-certified orthopedic surgeons, but there is no special certification or licensing specific to knee replacement surgery.

Who is the best knee surgeon in the world?

CHICAGO — Dr. Richard A. Berger, 55, is the only surgeon in the world to perform over 10,000 minimally invasive outpatient joint replacement surgeries.

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Which country is best for knee surgery?

Germany is one of the most popular countries among medical tourists wishing to have knee joint replacement surgery. First of all, this is due to the incomparably high level of medical services in the country. Germany invests more in its health care system than any other EU country.

Can I go straight to an orthopedic?

You may be wondering whether a visit to your primary care physician is worth the trouble or if going straight to a specialist is the answer. … Depending on your specific injury or health issue, however, going directly to a specialist—like an orthopaedic physician—can save you time and money.

Will a knee replacement get rid of arthritis?

Other nonsurgical treatments include pain medications, losing weight and steroid or lubricant injections. Understand that surgery isn’t a cure. Although TKR will relieve some symptoms of arthritis, it isn’t a cure for the progressive condition.

What is the highest rated knee replacement?

Zimmer is the most popular manufacturer of knee replacements. In fact, according to Zimmer, more than 25% of knee replacements implanted worldwide are a Zimmer product. That’s a whole lotta implants!

Which country has the best orthopedic surgeons?

World’s Best Specialized Hospitals 2021

Rank Hospital Country
1 Hospital For Special Surgery United States
2 Mayo Clinic – Rochester United States
3 Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin Germany
4 Helios ENDO-Klinik Hamburg Germany

What is the newest technology in knee replacement?

This latest advancement in joint replacement surgery transforms the way knee replacements are performed. “The Mako system is a revolutionary tool to help joint surgeons be more precise in placing implants to achieve the most appropriate, balanced position possible,” explained orthopedic surgeon Harold Cates, MD.

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