Which Lazulite prosthetic is best?

Which Lazulite weapon is the best?

But generally the shurikens are considered the best bang for you buck. Followed by the flame vent (if you want to hit apparitions with living weapon) or the Axe for general purpose.

Is Lazulite Shuriken good?

Lazulite Shuriken is a powerful upgrade that considerably increases the damage of thrown shurikens and makes them able to go through enemies, hitting those behind them; for the spinning throw, the shuriken will pierce through enemy at the conclusive burst.

Does the Lazulite Axe do more damage?

Lazulite Axe is more of a trade-off compared to the Sparking Axe rather than a straightforward improvement. This variant lacks the ability to build up Burn status, but comes with a guard-piercing effect on top of the highest Vitality and Posture damage of any Loaded Axe variant.

Where can I farm Sekiro wax?

Where to Find Lump of Fat Wax

  • Dropped by Monks in Senpou Temple, Mt. …
  • Dropped by the candle bearing crier in the Gun Fort.
  • Dropped by Palace Noble (Blue Garb) in the Fountainhead Palace.
  • Ashina Depths – In the Hidden Forest next to Headless.

Can you farm fulminated mercury?

You can farm Fulminated Mercury in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice from the Red Firework cannon wielding fellow in Ashina Castle at the end of the game. Simply return to the idol and rest and repeat.

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How do you unlock malcontent Sekiro?

Malcontent’s Ring can be acquired by defeating the Shichimen Warrior enemy in the Guardian Ape’s Burrow in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, you unlock the opportunity to pick up Malcontent’s Ring after you beat the Guardian Ape.