Question: Why do cacti have spines instead of leaves?

Why does a cactus plant have spines and not leaves?

Most cacti do not have leaves because they grow in a hot, dry environment, with little water. Cacti have adapted by being leafless, storing water in their stems, developing waxy skin to seal in moisture, and growing spines, a form of leaf modification. …

What do cacti have instead of leaves *?

because they don’t have to lose waters(transpiration) so they have modified their leafs into spines like theory of modification of human species along with the factors.

How would cactus survive or make food even though they don’t have leaves?

Since cacti don’t have true leaves, their stomata are in the body of the plant, or the stem. … Plants can use this carbon dioxide plus sunlight and water to make their food. It’s a process called photosynthesis and it helps plants get the energy they need to survive.

Why does cactus have so many thorns Byjus?

Most cactus species don’t have true leaves or branches. Instead, they have highly modified branches called areoles – the tiny bumps that spines grow from. … The leaves of the plants are modified into spines. Hence there are so many spines or thorns on the cactus plant.

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Which plant has spines instead of leaves and grow in desert?

Answer: Cactus grows in desert environment, where there is scarcity of water. The leaves of cactus are modified into spines, to prevent water loss from the surface of leaves. Thus, the stem is the centre of photosynthesis in the cactus plants instead of the leaves.

Do cactus spines do photosynthesis?

Cacti are plants that have succulent stems, pads or branches with scales and spines instead of leaves. … All plants photosynthesize, collecting carbon dioxide through holes in their leaves called “stomata” and converting it into sugar and oxygen. Cacti utilize CAM photosynthesis, a process unique to succulents.

Can you remove spines from cactus?

The most effective method involved using tweezers to remove clumps of spines followed by a thin layer of glue covered with gauze, which was allowed to dry and then peeled off to remove individual spines.

Can you remove needles from cactus?

You can try working larger, needle-like spines out with a pair of tweezers. The straight spines found on cactuses like the saguaro are the easiest to pull free, while barbed cholla spears or hooked spines like those found on barrel cactuses will—not surprisingly—take a little more work.