Question: What do cactus have spines instead of leaves?

What do cacti have instead of leaves *?

because they don’t have to lose waters(transpiration) so they have modified their leafs into spines like theory of modification of human species along with the factors.

Which plant has spines instead of leaves and grow in desert?

Answer: Cactus grows in desert environment, where there is scarcity of water. The leaves of cactus are modified into spines, to prevent water loss from the surface of leaves. Thus, the stem is the centre of photosynthesis in the cactus plants instead of the leaves.

Are cactus spines leaves?

Spines are also modified leaves. In cacti, spines are wholly transformed leaves that protect the plant from herbivores, radiate heat from the stem during the day, and collect and drip condensed water vapour during the cooler night.

Why do cactuses have thorns?

The important function of cactus spines is to protect the cacti from animals and people. Most cactus species don’t have true leaves or branches. Instead, they have highly modified branches called areoles – the tiny bumps that spines grow from .

Why do cactus not have leaves?

Q. Why do cactus plants have no leaves? … Most cacti are lacking traditional leaves because they evolved and grow in a hot, dry environment. Their adaptation is one of survival by storing water as long as possible when it is available.

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How does having spines instead of leaves allow cacti to live in desert conditions?

Spines – some plants have spines instead of leaves eg cacti. Spines lose less water than leaves so are very efficient in a hot climate. Spines also prevent animals from eating the plant. … Plants which store water in their leaves and stems also have a thick waxy skin so that they lose less water by transpiration.

Why do cactus plants grow spines instead of leaves?

cactus have spines instead of leaves to prevent a loss of water from the surface of the leaf. Cactus has spines rather than leaves so as to save water.

What will happen if a cactus does not have spines?

They all grow just fine. Theoretically they would be more susceptible to predation by animals because of their lack of defensive spines, but that can’t be too much of a problem because these species survive instead of being eaten into extinction.